KCC success for NTCA candidates

The Kent County Council Elections were a great success for Conservative candidates across the county. NTCAs candidates did both the association and the party proud, here is a brief summary of their achievement. 


Cllr Alan Marsh

Sir Roger Gale MP: Freedom in Iran

Speaking following a meeting of the Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom Sir Roger Gale MP has expressed support for those seeking a better future in Iran based on freedom and human rights.

The United Kingdom's Referendum

With nine days to go until the people of Scotland vote on remaining in the UK, Conservative Councillor Jeremy Bellamy gives his thoughts from the far south of the Kingdom to those living in the far north.

Remembering D-Day

70 years on from Operation Overlord, Sir Roger Gale discusses the significance of what occurred on the Normandy landings and stresses that the principles for which men fought and died should never be forgotten. 

Why Ukraine matters

Conservative Councillor Jeremy Bellamy shares his thoughts and opinions regarding the crisis in Ukraine.