Thank you for voting Conservative!

Despite polls suggesting the electoral race in North Thanet would be extremely close we're delighted that Sir Roger Gale has been re-elected as the Member of Parliament for the North Thanet Parliamentary Constituency with a majority of nearly eleven thousand! Firstly a massive thank you to everyone who worked hard for Sir Roger during the campaign, without whom this wouldn't have been possible, but most of all thank you to everyone who went out and voted! Whether you voted for Sir Roger or not, participation in the democratic process is immensely important and naturally Roger will continue to be an MP who supports all residents of Herne Bay, Margate, Birchington, Westgate and the villages.

As part of a Conservative majority in parliament, alongside Craig Mackinlay in South Thanet, our area now has an immensely strong voice in Westminster. Since 2010 Conservatives have worked hard for higher employment, lower taxes, better schools, more investment in our NHS and so much more, and with a majority we'll be able to continue the work that we've done to make Britain an even greater place to live and do business. Expect to see aircraft in the skies over Thanet soon, because we haven't forgotten about Manston and will be working hard to get it open and operating as an airport as soon as possible!

Our thanks also to our local council candidates; we're delighted to say that the Conservatives have kept control of Canterbury City Council, and while Thanet District Council looks to be a less positive result we're still immensely proud of all our candidates for all the hard work they've done.

Finally, at this happy moment, we'd like to pay tribute to our late President and former Chairman, Jim Nock. He did so much for North Thanet Conservative Association and without him none of this would have been possible, so here's to you, Jim!