KCC success for NTCA candidates

The Kent County Council Elections were a great success for Conservative candidates across the county. NTCAs candidates did both the association and the party proud, here is a brief summary of their achievement. 


Cllr Alan Marsh

Alan held his seat of Herne Village and Sturry with an amazing 60% of the vote share giving him a majority of 1,868. 

Cllr Andrew Cook

City Councillor Andrew did really well for the Herne Bay East ward as he gained 55% of the vote share giving him a majority of 1,506.

Cllr Emma DawsonCllr Ken Gregory

Emma and Ken won back the Birchington and Rural joint (2 seat) ward from UKIP with Emma receiving 28% vote share whilst Ken did equally well in receiving 25% vote share. Giving them a comfortable majority of 2,648 from Ken's result over the candidate that cam third. 

Kerry Boyd

Kerry fought hard in Margate Central, the only KCC seat held by Labour in Thanet. A strong performance saw Kerry gain a 34% vote share in comparison to Labour's 36% resulting in Labour winning with a majority of just 81 votes.


Congratulations and very well done to all of our candidates. We would also like to thank the many supporters and volunteers who gave their time and worked hard to help our candidates in their campaigns.