Could you become a Local Councillor?

Have you ever wondered what kind of person becomes a Councillor? Well, the simple answer is that it’s people just like you! It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced public speaker, or whether you’re even interested in national politics, if you consider yourself a Conservative and care about your community then you could be exactly the kind of person we’re looking for to stand in Local Elections.

Young or old, working or retired, regardless of ethnicity, gender or orientation, anyone can be a Councillor if you’re passionate about your local area and have some free time to devote to the role. Meetings generally take place in the evening to accommodate the work schedules and other commitments we all have, and if elected you could get involved in whole variety of areas including housing, planning, finance, culture, and more! It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert in Local Government, if you want to get more involved in the way your area is run then why not consider becoming a Councillor?


If you think you might be interested in standing for the Conservative Party in North Thanet Constituency please email us on to have an informal chat regarding the role, the process and how you can apply. Emailing doesn’t place you under any obligation to stand, so please do feel free to get in touch even if you’re unsure!