Could you be who we're looking for?

Would you like to represent your local community? If so become a local Councillor!

We are all very conscious of the national political scene, but many of the decisions that affect our everyday life are made at local level – in parish, town and district councils,there’s is always a need for people of ability and integrity to serve on these.  

If you would like to help your neighbours with planning issues or influence the way scarce resources are allocated, or serve on a scrutiny committee that holds executive decision-makers to account, then becoming a Councillor can be a stimulating experience. Of course you will need to commit a certain amount of your time to do the job properly, but most Councillors find it a rewarding way to put something back into their communities. 

If you would like to learn more we would very much like to hear from you - just contact Robert Jones at the NTCA office on:

01843 844522